luxury expeditions

Unleash your hidden explorer.

This is more than a private photography workshop.

It's a custom-designed, one-to-one, all-inclusive experience that takes your skills to the next level.

It's all about you.

Have a perfect shot you've been dreaming about for years? Get the most out of your time and resources when you book a private photo workshop with Paul that's designed around you.

No hidden costs.

Luxury travel, award-winning food, top rated accommodation, even the incidentals: It's all included in the price of your workshop - no hidden costs and no unwanted surprises.

You're the all-star.

Our goal is to make you an expert (not just invite you along to watch the expert). Get unrestricted access to Paul as you learn how to capture the perfect scene & do great things in post-production.

Now booking COVID-secure 2022-2023 workshops & expeditions

In line with our principles of encouraging responsible, sustainable, worldwide travel - we are running a limited number of bespoke photography workshops beginning in 2022.


To ensure you’ll get the best out of your private expedition, while also showing respect for our visited destinations, all trips will be operated in the form a close-cohort "bubble" along with our COVID-secure requirements:

All workshop participants must be fully vaccinated in order to attend
Frequent rapid tests will be provided (and required) throughout your trip
Local restrictions and distancing measures will be followed at all times
Each attendee requires named COVID-inclusive travel insurance

Why explore the world with Paul?

With only private photography workshops offered each year, every one is special.

Learn in true luxury

We only stay in top luxury hotels in the area and drive the best available fully air-conditioned transportation.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included in your total costs, complete with the finest fare and top shelf drinks (beer & wine included).

You'll have access to the best, high-resolution equipment, including Phase One's latest Medium Format digital camera system - the most advanced in the world.

Travel worry-free

We'll maximize our shooting times so you have plenty of opportunities to rest and enjoy the destination.

Paul's been traveling the world for 25 years, and ensures he's approved to work in every country he visits with you. So with him, you get only the best destinations and the best shooting options.

Rest easy knowing that Paul carries worldwide insurances for commercial photography as well as public liability.

Let us do the work

You’ll be actively supported through the entire process of shooting on-location, from initial planning to post-production.

Our hotels are flexible, so we can stay longer or leave a location earlier. We also pre-arrange backup locations for bad weather & extra shoots.

Our one-to-one format means you spend quality time directly with Paul. Building on your existing knowledge, we'll introduce new skills based on your individual goals.

"Of course we liked the ability to access a professional who knew the camera equipment extremely well, and we also liked having someone who was familiar with the location we had chosen, including all the best places to shoot.

What we also loved was Paul himself — his personality, his openness, his significant knowledge about photography, and his familiarity with such a variety of camera systems. But most importantly, we enjoyed Paul’s willingness to exchange his expertise and the fact that he was a great teacher."

David Shedlarz & Sandy Helgemoe

You can choose any location you want.

(But let us brag about a few of our favourites...)

Don't see the workshop you need?

Here's how it works:


Choose a Workshop

Choose from our favorite locations, or create your own destination.

Once you decide where you want to go, we'll schedule a date that works for both of our schedules.


Build Your Itinerary

Whether it’s for a solo trip, as a couple, or a group of friends, we’ll work together to build your itinerary and find the perfect balance of locations, seasons and adventures.


Secure Your Spot

After your itinerary is set, we'll create a detailed quotation for the entire workshop (with no hidden extras). When you're ready to book the trip, we secure your workshop with a deposit.


Check Your Gear

You'll have access to the best camera equipment, but if you'd like to bring your own gear, be sure to review the full list of suggested equipment here.


Finalise Your Plans

Before you book, please double check that you're able to enter the country where the workshop is located. (Hint: start by checking if you need a visa.)


Get Ready to Explore

After making your initial deposit, you'll make a final payment before departing for an amazing experience, capturing our incredible world in your own iconic style.

Great photography doesn't have to be a secret.

Uncover the insights of the best pros when you schedule a customised workshop.

Let's create your perfect photography workshop

To get started, designing your all-inclusive, private photography workshop, you can get in touch by email to or use the form below:

Looking after our planet.

Because our lives depend on it.

our workshops operate in proud partnership with:

Collectively, as photographers, we're aware of our increasing impact on the the beautiful environments we want to cherish and capture.

We're committed to caring for our wild places by practicing the Nature First Principles, along with educating others as part of the responsible photography movement.

Nature First Principles 1

Prioritise the well-being of nature over photography

Nature First Principles 2

Educate yourself about the places you photograph

Nature First Principles 3

Reflect on the possible impact of your actions

Nature First Principles 4

Use discretion when sharing locations

Nature First Principles 5

Know and follow rules and regulations

Nature First Principles 6

Leave places better than you found them

Nature First Principles 7

Promote and educate others about these principles