charity & environmental support

being the best neighbours we can be

Capturing the stunning landscapes and cities across our world is Paul's fundamental goal. Delivering those images in a way which is both sustainable and supportive of our global community is equally important in everything we do.

Our travel is undertaken as ethically as possible with an aim to ensure any impact on the environment is neutralised as we go. Closer to home, Paul has selected one key charity to partner with, delivering fundraising assistance to help them continue supporting our communities.

taking care of our planet

Paul has spent his life exploring the planet to bring together a collection of moments that will be with you forever.

But throughout those journeys, he’s also one of the few people to have seen first-hand the levels of dramatic change that our planet is undergoing, and the devastating effects that short-term thinking has on our only home.

We want to share those incredible moments with you, in the most responsible way possible, but while we can’t fix the planet’s problems on our own, we know we can do our bit to help…

  • Our travels are carbon offset with initiatives around the world.
  • Our print deliveries are shipped with Carbon Neutral couriers who ensure they treat our planet well.
  • Our frames are made from FSC and PEFC certified wood, found in ethically managed, sustainable forests.
  • Our mount boards are from traceable, certified, FSC sources, sent to us locally to our studio.
  • Our acrylic gallery prints are mounted on recycled aluminium subframes.
  • Our rolled prints are always sent in recycled, and recyclable, shipping tubes.
Paul Reiffer Sustainability Environment Fsc Pefc Co2 Neutral Deliveries Dpd Carbon Footprint Plant Trees Reduce Waste

Of course, the biggest way to help our planet stay healthy is to simply use less. Not only are our fine art prints guaranteed for a lifetime, they’re engineered to last that long from the very beginning.

We want you to enjoy your print forever, and that’s why we’ve built it to last.

a gift to the future

Your limited edition print is not only guaranteed for a lifetime, it's also helping to guarantee our future.

We've partnered up with Creating Tomorrow's Forests to invest in creating brand new woodlands and increase biodiversity across the UK. With each print purchase, we'll plant a collection of new trees in your name - and provide you with the exact GPS co-ordinates of where they are.

With over 8 million trees already planted by the team, your purchase will directly help ensure to our planet remains as captivating to experience in the future, as it is today.

lending a hand

Having seen the great work that the Macmillan team perform across the UK, Paul has partnered with them for several years, offering support for their annual charity Winter Ball in London. Headlined by different celebrity acts each year, this event brings people from around the country together to celebrate and support the contribution the organisation makes to those living with cancer.

Beyond our annual donations, providing auction prizes of large format prints and all-inclusive workshops allows Macmillan to raise vital extra funds each year which go towards offering essential support to cancer patients, survivors and their families.

For more information on the work Macmillan do, or for details of how to get tickets to this year's Winter Ball, click here to visit their site.

working together

Our workshops operate in proud partnership with Nature First - The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

Collectively, as photographers, we're aware of our increasing impact on the the beautiful environments we want to cherish and capture around the world.

We're committed to caring for our wild places by practicing the 7 Nature First Principles, along with educating others as part of the responsible photography movement.

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