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Iconic, bespoke images for award-winning travel & hospitality brands, trailblazing explorers and interior designers seeking exceptional artwork for luxurious spaces.

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Award-winning photographer. Landscape artist. Adventure addict.

Award-winning photographer.
Landscape artist.
Adventure addict.

Delivering iconic, bespoke images for award-winning brands, trailblazing explorers, and interior designers seeking exceptional artwork for luxurious spaces.

A multi-award winning British photographer - Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022, Architectural Photographer of the Year 2022 and Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2021 - Paul has travelled to over 75 countries capturing people, landscapes, and commercial images for most of his life.

As a landscape and cityscape artist, Paul has been described as a magician behind a lens. Creating iconic, fine art photography, he masterfully invites his viewers into the heart of some of the world's most stunning destinations, and he has been featured in exhibitions all over the globe, including Times Square in New York, the Royal Albert Hall and Houses of Parliament in London, and gallery installations in Europe and Asia.

Trusted by global brands.

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torii shrine hiroshima miyajima gate japan room view paul reiffer fine art limited edition photograph print

Between Two Worlds – The Floating Torii of Itsukushima Shrine

23 April, 2023

Capturing minimalist views in the mist, Itsukushima’s floating torii feels like a gateway on Miyajima – between the calm of the sky and the chaos of our world below.

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Unicorn Header Stars Astro Fake Midjourney Stable Diffusion Dall E Pink Sky Photographers Landscape How To Use AI Images Good Bad Review Bard Bing ChatGPT Guide Paul Reiffer

Artificial Stupidity – Could AI be the End of Landscape Photography?

9 April, 2023

Discussing the impact – both positive and negative – that AI could have on Landscape Photography, along with what it could mean for the industry long-term.

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Header Cityscape Night Golden Hour Blue Downtown Brickell Banner Miami Florida Fine Art Wall Decor Paul Reiffer Professional Landscape Photographer Phase One

Vice – Miami Nights & Rooftop Sights in Ultra-High Resolution

30 March, 2023

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of sitting on a rooftop, watching the world and time pass by beneath my feet.” – Capturing Miami’s cityscapes and skylines from above.

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