sands of time

sands of time


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technical info:

 3 second exposure
 f/8 aperture
 ISO 200
 250 limited edition prints
 10 artist’s proofs



Paul says…

Taken on my first trip to Antelope Canyon, scenes like this were enough to make me want to return again in future despite the challenges posed by the sheer number of people and photographers all scrambling to the same spot to get ‘the shot’.

Deep inside the slot canyon near Page, Arizona, you find features such as this natural stone surrounded by the stunning colours of rock which has been worn down over thousands of years of flowing water. Too long an exposure and we get people (it’s impossible to get the view empty for that long!) – too short and it just looks dull. 3 seconds was the perfect time, enough to capture the motion of the sand and bring out the rich colours in the formation all around us.

Location: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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