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  30 second exposure
  f/22 aperture
  ISO 35
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Paul says…

I keep forgetting my own advice – remember that when sliding down a sand-covered steep bank for a sunset shoot, you’ll have to climb back up again in the dark! This time, however, at least we had red torches 😉

Arriving into Lake Tahoe, spanning across California and Nevada, my heart sank a little: Rain. Thick dark clouds overhead with rain constantly hitting the car. However, the wind was blowing pretty hard, and we could see a small patch of brightness on the horizon to the north shore. Waiting it out for 30 minutes, it was “now or never” time as the light began to fall.

This was a new location for me, and one I’d only “scouted” on satellite images before now. Luckily, it’s not too hard to find or get to (although a little harder to get back from!) and the gamble paid off. While the sun itself was obscured a little, the reds and pinks in the sky came to life shortly after it hit the horizon and the clear, still, water gave me a shot which is just full of detail, texture and interest. Those little trees that live on the rock out there have surely earned the right to call themselves bonsai trees by now…

Location: Lake Tahoe, California / Nevada

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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