horseshoe bend

horseshoe bend



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  0.3 second exposure
  f/18 aperture
  ISO 200
 250 limited edition prints
 10 artist’s proofs
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Paul says…

I only had two nights in Page to get this shot, an image which had escaped me for some time.

What had been a fantastic day weather-wise had been ruined by the time I got to the edge of the canyon, with clouds rolling in and the feel of thunder on its way. There were many other photographers who had made a special effort to be there, all with sunken hearts. However, something about travelling for around 24 hours and 6,000+ miles makes you more tenacious, so as the others left, I stayed.

Then I got my break: the sky started to brighten, and the slightest of sunbeams started breaking through the cloud, just above the horizon. Could it be that through sheer luck, this awful weather was going to give me the exact shot I wanted?

It was. The sun burst through the clouds at the last possible moment before sinking into the horizon. At f/18 my lens can produce some fantastic sun flares which (to my eye) added the diamond onto the ring of the river below. Such a famous location and I got something just a little bit different. I guess it pays to stick around sometimes, even when others have given up all hope…

Location: Page, Arizona, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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