pulpit rock

pulpit rock



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Paul says…

Sometimes you can focus so much on travelling to different places around the world, you forget how fantastic the landscape on your own doorstep can be. “Pulpit Rock” (as it’s known due to its shape) is less than 10 miles from my hometown of Weymouth, on the South Coast of England and forms part of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site.

The southernmost point of Portland, where this was taken, gets a hard time from the wind and sea – usually resulting in big waves crashing over the rocks and a murky sky in the background. I remembered all the school trips we used to go on to this site along with the cave explorations and quarry walks we’d perform around the island in the heavy wind and rain. While it was certainly not warm out there on this occasion, something was definitely strange. The customary stormy sea was distinctly calmer than usual. The sky was more “open”, and the colours were just that little bit warmer than I’m used to seeing.

Normally people use a long exposure here, to completely flatten off the sea when it’s calm. Yes, it was a calm day today, but this is still a harsh environment and I wanted some clarity in the moving sea. Speeding things up to a 0.4 second exposure did the trick. The horizon had a beautiful streak of warm yellow light from the sun above the clouds, yet the coldness of the sea with its deep blue hue remained.

This really is the shot that reminds me of home.

Location: Portland, Dorset, UK

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