through the keyhole

through the keyhole


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  0.8 second exposure
  f/20 aperture
  ISO 100
 250 limited edition prints
 10 artist’s proofs
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Paul says…

On my return to Dorset’s (now very popular) Durdle Door for this winter solstice, I finally managed to capture not only the arch surrounding the perfect sunrise, but also a fantastic sky above.

Many attempt to shroud the winter sunrise shots in mystery – when in reality, it’s very simple: For 3-4 weeks a year, the sun actually rises in the perfect position through this natural arch of the rock formation in Lulworth. With a cold winter’s breeze and sea-spray from all angles, there are certainly some challenges involved in getting the capture right, but this stunning view is something that’s both accessible and enjoyable for all in the right circumstances.

Capturing the three elements in unison – the sky, the sun and the waves, is the bigger challenge. Thankfully, this truly was “second time lucky”!

Location: Durdle Door, England

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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