schwabacher's sunrise

schwabacher’s sunrise


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  116 second exposure
  f/11 aperture
  ISO 50
 100 limited edition prints
 5 artist’s proofs
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Paul says…

While many pass through Grand Teton National Park on their way to its much more famous neighbour – Yellowstone – this little corner of the world remains one of my favourite places, despite (or maybe because of) its relative obscurity.

A location that had seen me waiting for sunrise on over 10 separate occasions, all it took was this one morning to make it all seem worth the effort. As the sun rose to the north-east, what had previously looked like yet another grey day ahead of us suddenly lit up as the mountainside was bathed in the early morning pink glow.

Coupled with a growing amount of low-cloud to pick up that magical light, the 5 minute break from the ducks feeding in the river gave me that one special click where everything just, finally, worked.

Location: Wyoming, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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Each print we deliver is a hand-signed Limited Edition (of 100) or Artist's Proof (of 5) version. Because you're getting a true work of art, you'll also receive a secure certificate of authenticity and individual edition number.

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We use the best medium format camera systems in the entire world and print every image on specialist silver metal halide paper - meaning what you see in real life is exactly what you get to hang on your wall.

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Nature doesn't mass-produce its jaw-dropping wonders.

So neither do we.

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