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into the blue


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  • Captured in Lake Tahoe, California, USA
  • 100 Limited Edition Prints
  • 5 Artist Proof Prints
  • Handcrafted in London, England
  • Worldwide Shipping Included
  • Custom Framing Options Available

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about this limited edition photograph:

My original plan for Lake Tahoe was to photograph only Emerald Bay, at sunset.

Having got that shot already, I took off around the lake to explore a bit more of the area – most of my previous visits had either been to see friends or go snowboarding on some of the amazing mountains there, so I’d never really taken the time to explore other areas around the lake.

Lake Tahoe is known for its crystal-blue waters and stunning panoramic scenery, but I wanted to get a shot with a pier or jetty in the foreground to add a bit more depth to the frame. The challenge is, from what I discovered that afternoon, almost all of the access to the lake itself is now private property.

Undeterred, I asked my friend Jenny for a bit of guidance – and she came up with a winner! There’s a small state park called “Sugar Pine Point” which is also the home to the Ehrman Mansion. More importantly, however, it has a jetty and a stunning view of the lake.

Getting the shot when the entire view was clear of boats and people as well as keeping the camera still for a full 5 seconds in the wind was quite a challenge, but out of 4 shots taken this one came out just the way I wanted. Calm, clear, crystal waters are just calling out for you to jump “into the blue”.

Location: Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

All our prints feature:

Limited Edition

Each print we deliver is a hand-signed Limited Edition (of 100) or Artist's Proof (of 5) version. Because you're getting a true work of art, you'll also receive a secure certificate of authenticity and individual edition number.

Ultra HD Printing

We use the best medium format camera systems in the entire world and print every image on specialist silver metal halide paper - meaning what you see in real life is exactly what you get to hang on your wall.

Lifetime Guarantee

Your print is put through a rigorous set of quality control standards long before we ever ship it to your front door. We only create gallery-quality images, and you'll receive your print in perfect condition with a lifetime guarantee.

Choose your style:

Archival HD Print

ultra hd high definition fujiflex gloss matt prints paul reiffer prints limited edition

Our premium silver halide archival prints are produced on a unique gallery paper that delivers unsurpassed levels of brightness and vibrance, along with industry-leading levels of fine detail to appreciate from any angle over many years to come.

Gallery HD Acrylic

acrylic frame perspex aluminium aluminum paul reiffer prints limited edition

The ultimate in modern display technology, our diamond-cut acrylic prints are backed with a contemporary solid aluminium floating frame, handmade in exactly the same way as our own gallery displays for a vibrant and clean look in any space.

Custom Framing

custom framing options solid wood frame handmade wooden paul reiffer prints limited edition

Hand-made in London, our bespoke frame options allow you to display your limited edition print in your own unique style. From solid wood traditional frames to contemporary shapes and materials, contact us for a custom quote.

Nature doesn't mass-produce its jaw-dropping wonders.

So neither do we.


get in touch for custom print orders:

Paul’s exclusive limited edition fine art prints can be produced in a variety of bespoke sizes and specifications, along with custom framing options to suit your needs. To further discuss your exact requirements, please get in touch using the form below:

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Perfection that starts with the first click and delivers straight to your front door.

Ultra-high resolution: If you're a photographer, here's what you'll want to know: Each of Paul's photographs have been captured using the most advanced digital camera systems in the world, with medium format resolutions of 80, 100 and 151 megapixels, delivering ultra-high resolution images and stunning levels of detail.

Colour accuracy & Finest papers: Using the very latest in print technology, your image is produced in London with unparalleled colour accuracy, on the finest archival grade papers available across the industry, then hand-finished and shipped directly to you by specialist courier.

Frame-ready: All rolled photographs are delivered frame-ready in a protective tube, ensuring your fine art print arrives in perfect condition, allowing you to decide the framing option that best suits your needs. Our framed products are shipped in a solid gallery case, worldwide, to prevent any damage during transit.

Bespoke options: For that extra "wow factor", we offer bespoke framing options for all print formats, ranging from the ultra-modern Acrylic/Metal mounting that Paul uses in his own gallery - pr@hf - to traditional solid wood custom frame solutions to match any style. Please contact us for more details and pricing of these very special display options.

It begins with a simple promise: "What I see right now".

When you purchase a print, you won't just get the image. You'll also get the back-story on how the shot was taken, along with all the technical settings used at the time.

As a huge advocate for photographic authenticity, Paul uses only the finest grade of glass filters on his lenses to balance exposures in order to "get it right in-camera" when shooting his landscapes and cityscapes around the world. As a result, with no excessive post-production required, your print represents a true version of the scene at the moment it was captured.

Paul only sells authentic views of our real, natural world. You'll never get a creative blend or a digitally manipulated scene. When you hang an image on your wall, you can declare with complete certainty, "This is exactly what Paul saw when he took the shot".

We customise every detail to fit your exact needs.

To live up to that promise, you won't find any of our print options in stock.

Instead, Paul prints each image only once it's ordered — and to the exact specifications of each buyer. He also offers two versions: "Limited Edition" and "Artist's Proof".

Limited Edition Prints: Only 100 of these are printed worldwide. Your chosen photograph will be printed on the finest gallery-grade photographic papers in the world, hand-signed, numbered and presented with a unique certificate of authenticity.

Artist's Proof Series Prints: Just 5 of these prints are released worldwide, so if you're a collector who is looking for something truly special (with an extra surprise included), this is it.

Each print is produced on the highest grade of silver halide paper available in the industry, and personally inspected by Paul throughout the entire print process. Artist's Proof series prints are hand-signed, numbered and registered with Hahnemuehle's Fine Art database in Germany, and finished with a unique serial-numbered hologram at the edge of the image for future traceability and authenticity checks.

Looking for a specific aspect ratio or size that is not offered as standard? Please contact us and we'll be able to provide pricing for bespoke options.

Quality guaranteed for a lifetime.

The result of years of experimentation and research, Paul's production process is second to none in terms of delivering quality photographic prints designed to last for generations. In standard gallery display conditions, under anti-UV glass, each of Paul's prints are graded to withstand fading for up to 140 years. And display tips are provided with each order, along with a care guide and cleaning instructions to keep your image looking its very best.

In following these guidelines, you can be sure your unique fine art print will be enjoyed for generations to come. Each print is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original purchaser under those conditions, with a replacement promise should an issue be noticed at any point in future.

All prints are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions, available here

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