Say hello to our next video portfolio – this time, “landscapes in motion”.

Following the successful launch of my “cityscapes : out of this | world” portfolio video, together with the guys at ToInspire, we’ve managed to create another – giving a whole new feel to my landscape images from across the planet.

This time, we’re featuring images shot in California, New Zealand, China, Iceland, Australia, Arizona, and of course my home in Dorset.

Landscapes In Motion Fine Art Photography Out Of This World Paul Reiffer 3D Preview Movie Video

As part of my brand new YouTube Channel, we’re featuring content pulled together into showreels of 3D imagery from the original ultra-high resolution stills I’ve captured over the years. Of course, when you start with a 100-megapixel image, it’s logical to create 4k video content – and this is a series that looks fantastic on an UHD TV.

Youtube Channel TV Preview Ultra HD Paul Reiffer Photographer Landscapes Cityscapes 3D Movie Video Fine Art Images

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Watch this space, there’s a lot more to come…!