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  2.5 second exposure
  f/22 aperture
  ISO 35
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Paul says…

There’s something we often forget when shooting sunrises – the colours behind us can be just as amazing as looking towards the sun itself during that fleeting transition at the start of every day.

Look at the sun rising over the horizon, and you’ll see golden yellow glows and red reflections across the clouds in the sky. If you look behind you, however, you’ll see the air full of deep blues, magentas and pastel oranges. It was these tones I wanted to capture at La Jolla as the clear blue Pacific Ocean rolled in through this unique pier structure.

For all the images I’ve seen where photographers have captured the sun at the end of this perfect vanishing point, I wanted to capture the feeling of a crisp winter’s morning on the beach at sunrise instead. Still not cold enough to keep the most hardened surfers from the ocean, the waves co-operated perfectly to allow me to capture this frame during the sun’s reflection across the sky.

Just maybe next time, I’ll keep an eye on the tide – walking back with freezing cold wet feet and legs wasn’t really in the plan.

Location: La Jolla, California, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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