Instagram Take Over Phase One Account Paul Reiffer Photographer January 2015 Landscape Cityscape View iPhone

“Hey Paul, would you like to take over our official Instagram account for a week in January and publish some of your images as well as behind-the-scenes shots?”

(Said Phase One to me a few months back).

“Ummm – Yeah! Sure, that sounds cool!” was (of course) my answer.

So, here we are on “Day 4” of my takeover, and I have to say it’s going pretty well. Everything you’ve seen on their Instagram account so far this week has been posted by me, and I have control of it from my phone – scary!

Some of my images have managed to get the highest levels of attention and “likes” of all of their previous uploads, and people seem to be enjoying the new scenes that I’m posting twice a day. It’s a mixture of landscape, cityscape and BTS shots – a collection linked (as with all Phase One images) by the hashtag #ProImaging

But there was one thing I hadn’t considered: It’s actually a little bit daunting when you switch from posting things to “fans” of your own – who tend to be supportive – to posting your work to others in the industry who use the same equipment. Will it be accepted? Will they find any flaws? Are there any images that might not be received with as much appreciation as they have before when I’ve posted them on my own page?

They’re all things that ran through my head as I posted the first image of the Sydney Opera House sunrise – “The Morning After” for all to see. Luckily, it was received exceptionally well, and so have those that followed. Phew!

There’s still 3 days to go – so while I may be quiet on my other social media channels during this week, do keep an eye out – there’s a lot more to come!

Just a shame I have to “give the keys back” on Saturday…! 🙂