Two birds with one stone today: Number one, to get out and about shooting some landscapes in England for fun (I haven’t done that for a couple months now) and number two, to visit some places that are (embarrassingly) just down the road to which I’ve never been.

So, Hive Beach is today’s focal point. On the way, I passed a stunning view of both St Catherine’s Chapel in Abbotsbury as well as the Fleet and Portland in the background:

St Catherine's Chapel Abbotsbury Weymouth Portland Bill - Paul Reiffer - Photographer

But that wasn’t why I was out with my camera… The plan was to get to Hive Beach for sunset. Hive Beach, it turns out, is also home to some *amazing* food at the Hive Beach Cafe and while the decor isn’t exactly that of a top-notch London restaurant, the food is reported to be right up there.  After stopping for a quick drink and a slice of cake, it was off to the beach for an hour of freezing temperatures.

First off, on the way down to the water’s edge, this little boat was sat all on its own.  With the sun dropping in the sky, and with the combination of an ND-8 filter and a colour gel, this was a nice enough capture for me to save 🙂

Hive Beach Dorset Cafe Abbotsbury - Paul Reiffer - Photographer

And then it was on to the wait for sunset.  While waiting, I noticed the colour of the cliffs to the west changing, and the sea getting rougher.  With a 1.5s exposure, this image captures everything apart from the freezing cold!

Hive Beach Dorset Cafe Abbotsbury - Paul Reiffer - Photographer

…and… then… the story stops!  Yes, sadly, the sunlight gave up.  To my right, on the beach, were two other photographers who were there for around an hour before me and showed no signs of leaving even after I’d fully packed up.  Unfortunately for them, my prediction came true – the sun disappeared behind a bank of cloud which rather hastily grew, eventually obscuring the entire sunset and what would have been the beautiful reds and purples over the sky and sea.


So – one to go back to and “try harder next time”.  Hey – it must be the restaurant’s way of telling me I need to come back for food… 😉