Paul Reiffer - Photographer - Shock

OK, so you MAY have noticed the minor make-over of the site… “Minor?!” I hear you say? Well, maybe it’s a little more than a minor change…

Don’t worry – all of my portfolio pictures are still there (only now, they’re in a better gallery) plus there’s a few more treats uploaded within the portfolio pages for you to find 🙂

So why the change?  Well, lots of reasons…

1) I began using my facebook page as a blog – and that’s not right.  So, it’s about time I got me one of them blog things on my main site.  Unfortunately, my “old” site couldn’t hack it.

2) Flash.  Personally, I LIKE flash – it’s what made my old site look “cool”, but there’s a problem – I’m Apple’d up and things like my iPad and iPhone become useless when showing people my site.  There was a duplicate site coded just for those devices, but the maintenance of two sites as well  as facebook, photography sites, model sites, twitter, etc was just too much.  So, this new site works on any device.

3) It’s search-engine-able!  (Geek mode on).  While the old site could be *seen* by search engines, not much could be indexed (and there was no text for them to read, even if they could….)  SO…  that meant not very many people saw the site.

All in all, I like the new site (and it works on my mobile gadgets – hooray!).  Hopefully you guys will too 🙂

Now, have to go, it seems I have an awful lot of mess in here to tidy up now…

RIP old site