no horizon

no horizon



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 1/125 second exposure
 f/14 aperture
 ISO 100
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 10 artist’s proofs

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Paul says…

The Salton Sea, near Palm Springs in California has fascinated me since my good friend Chuck first took me to visit.

What was, many years ago, one of the hottest tourist destinations on the West Coast of the US with boating, vacation homes and a thriving community – it has now become a ghost town.

Sadly, the toxic levels of saline and chemicals in the lake put pay to its previous fortune and what is left (depending on who you ask) is either an ecological disaster or a marvel of nature. Still, some life survives in the water, but most things erode and die. This old jetty has worn and warped to what you see now but that’s not the reason I shot this image.

There is no trick in photoshop here, or even a lens filter. There are mountains in the background too, but the microclimate over the lake means that at certain points of the day such as this, there literally is ‘no horizon’…

Location: Salton Sea, California, USA

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