circular motion

circular motion



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  100 second exposure
  f/22 aperture
  ISO 35
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Paul says…

I’ve hung over cliff edges, I’ve dangled from planes, I’ve even walked across (as I discovered too late) acid lakes with no shoes. But nothing I’ve done previously can even compare to the danger I put myself in while taking this picture from the path of oncoming traffic on the Lujiazui ring road in Pudong’s financial district in Shanghai.

Over a period of 4 nights, I shot from the same spot for a total of 8 hours – each time, not quite getting the shot I had in my mind. This place is awesome – the road is full of LED-covered buses, blue and red police patrols, green and red taxi lights and blue-lit coaches zooming around. Granted, Shanghai drivers can’t help but demonstrate they deserve the title of “worst drivers on the planet” and so this was one of the more stupid places I’ve stood night after night, but in reality they managed to deliver the shot I wanted.

With the space-age pedestrian overpass in the foreground, the flashes of police cars, buses and headlights streaming by and the ultra-modern buildings which house some of the world’s largest banks in the distance, this is exactly the look I was going for. The shot took so many attempts simply because I couldn’t quite get the right mix of lights streaming past at the same time as avoiding other crazy pedestrians walking across the roundabout right in front of my lens! Like something from a fairground, the lights all around the road really do give you a sense of “circular motion”.

Location: Shanghai, China

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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