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Paul's ultra-high resolution, large format images are used by some of the best-known brands in the world and appreciated by collectors across every continent.

A multi-award winning British photographer, Paul has travelled to over 60 countries capturing people, landscapes and commercial images for many years.

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As a landscape and cityscape artist, Paul takes his viewers to the heart of some of the world's most stunning travel destinations through his iconic and vibrant luxury fine art photography. His work has featured in exhibitions all over the world, from Times Square in New York to the Royal Albert Hall and Houses of Parliament in London, with gallery installations in Europe and Asia.

Commercially, he brings your brand, your people and your location to life in a way that not only matches, but exceeds, the energy and inspiration behind your concept.

Paul returned to the UK in 2015 to focus on commercial projects, having spent the previous 3 years in Shanghai capturing vivid landscape and cityscape photographs of the eastern hemisphere.

With experience working on both sides of the lens, as a professional photographer Paul often sees things differently to others and he uses that ability to capture images which are truly unique.


Much of Paul's photography has been commissioned and used by some of the finest brand names and companies worldwide. His landscape work is often featured by the US National Park Service and National Geographic, as well as in promotions and destination guides by travel companies such as British Airways, Qatar Airways, W Hotels, Per Aquum and Intercontinental Hotels Group.

His images have been extensively published in well known national and international newspapers and magazines around the world and his technical expertise is regularly called upon for editorial features by luxury travel and adventure brands. Other commercial clients include Royal Caribbean, Hyatt, Shangri-La, Ford, Pineapple Dance Studios, Aon, Rebel, Kingfisher, Getty Images, plus many more.

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He is sponsored by, and works with, some of the top equipment providers in the industry - resulting in his recognition as a Phase One Brand Ambassador and Field Professor, along with being an active Sandisk Storyteller. Beyond landscape and commercial work, Paul still has a passion for the subject that really introduced him to photography in the first place: photographing fashion models. As such, every now and then he takes time out to shoot agency represented models for portfolio work either in his London studio or out on location in the city he's visiting at the time.


Despite having lived in 5 different countries, he'll always consider "home" as the South Coast of England where he was born and raised

One of the earliest memories Paul has is that of spending time with his father, watching him develop his black and white images in a self-built darkroom in the loft-space of their family home. Since then, for as long as he can remember, he always had a camera of some type with him - Polaroid, 110mm, Disc, 35mm, APS, digital, phone, it didn't matter what type - he just loved capturing what he saw at that particular moment.

Years later, Paul's photographic skills were refined through working with some of the best in the industry - a benefit of shooting with them around the world as an established model for several years. Making the most of the opportunity to question and receive feedback on his own work from some of the top photographers in their field, he found his real passion when he took the decision to switch to "the other side of the lens".


In 2015, Paul was awarded the Fellowship of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP) - the highest level of achievement within the professional body. This was further to having been granted direct entry as an Associate into the Royal Photographic Society in 2010 (ARPS) and being awarded Fellowships from the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers and the Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers (FSITTP) in 2017.

Paul's work has won him many awards from all over the world, recognising the unique style he brings to his field. From his accolades in the Professional Photographer of the Year awards in 2012 to the receipt of four individual awards in the Epson Pano awards 2014 and six in 2015, his work continues to gain popularity and appreciation from all corners of the industry. Paul's photography has been exhibited numerous times internationally, including forming part of the Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2015.

present day

Being a Phase One Brand Ambassador, Paul now shoots almost exclusively with Phase One's XF medium format camera system and lenses. While previously a "Canon Shooter" (and a member of their Professional Network for some time) he found that mainstream DSLR cameras had a big, simple, drawback: They don't capture enough detail to print really big images. He now uses the highest resolution 151 Megapixel digital backs and Medium Format camera along with a range of Schneider and Phase One lenses to produce digital images which genuinely are of the highest quality currently available.

And what about the time spent *not* taking pictures? Well, that'd be taken up by a lot of travelling around the world, seeing new places and searching for new adventures. He's climbed mount Fuji twice, once in 2010 and again in 2013 - he's also a keen snowboarder as well as being a licensed pilot and skydiver. So yes, if you're ever in a plane with him and he asks you to "just hold this for a second", you might just want to check that he doesn't have a funny looking back-pack on...

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