electri-city 2

electri-city 2



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  90 second exposure
  f/22 aperture
  ISO 35
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Paul says…

One thing you learn very quickly when you live in a city like Shanghai is that when people say “it’s always changing”, they really do mean it. From one day to the next, the skyline can completely change as new towers complete and old ones disappear.

Looking across at Shanghai’s Pudong skyline, there is no exception to be found – despite photographing an almost identical view only a year before, the riverfront had since undergone a massive transformation: The Shanghai Tower had finally hit completion. Now a permanent fixture to the cityscape across the river, this latest “megascraper” is the final construction in the trilogy of “The Three Kings” as they’re now locally known – The SWFC, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai Tower – three of the world’s tallest buildings, all within 1 square kilometre.

While down below, crowds of tourists and souvenir sellers cover the walkways and streets, from our rooftop location we had a perfectly clear view for one of the first light show “test runs” the tower was operating. With the constant stream of LED-lit boat traffic up and down the river, along with the plethora of neon advertising across all of the building fronts, it’s not hard to see why this really is one of the world’s true electri-cities.

Location: Shanghai, China

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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