devils golf course

devils golf course


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technical info:

 1/125 second exposure
 f/20 aperture
 ISO 160
 250 limited edition prints
 10 artist’s proofs



Paul says…

Just outside of Badwater, California (part of Death Valley) is a place where its name really does make sense. What you see before you is salt rock, and clearly what would be described by any serious golfer as something that must have been created by the devil!

Granted, in 120+ degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the desert, there’s not much call for golf days here, but the view when you get down low and see how crazy the earth has become here is amazing. Sadly, so is the level of salt in the air down there, so not only did my shoes get wrecked but so did my eyes and very nearly my camera!

Location: Death Valley National Park, California, USA

Sizes available up to 3m / 10ft – for custom sizing, please contact the studio

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